B!g Sur Bars are available online and freshly baked with quality ingredients. We don’t add any additives, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to give them an everlasting shelf life. They are real and taste delicious! Every B!g Sur Bar has a net weight of 5 oz!!! Each bar looks as delicious as it tastes.


Grab a B!g Sur Bar

  • to fuel your body
  • for that rad session
  • to get you through your day
  • for a special treat

Keep a B!g Sur Bar handy
for whatever reason.

B!g Sur Bars that are ordered on our website are freshly baked and should taste fresh for up to four weeks.
To retain the best possible freshness we highly recommend storing them in the freezer.
When you are ready to have one or more, simply thaw and enjoy!
B!g Sur Bars are in demand!

Call or e-mail us for wholesale info.

If you are an established distributor and wish to add the B!g Sur Bars to your product line give us a call:

888-8BigSur (888-824-4787)

or e-mail us.


If you think we are just another big company with another bar, think again.

We are a small company with a freshly baked bar that is very BIG!